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  Subject: Turkish Character Problems
   PostPosted: 03 Jun 2011, 13:18 
Hi all;

I m using pd4ml_demo.jar and you know , programming language is java.

Althought i create a pdf from html web sites (for example www.erkansezer.com or www.pd4ml.com) there is an error about turkish character set (ı,ç,ö.... )

I use "runConverter" procedure in pd4ml_demo.jar.

I want to create a pdf page with turkish characters (ö,ç,ı,ğ,ş,ü).

Can you help me?

  Subject: Re: Turkish Character Problems
   PostPosted: 09 Jun 2011, 19:07 
In order to display non-Latin characters you need to utilize TTF embedding feature of PD4ML Pro.

See: pd4ml-html-css-pdf-tips-tricks-f7/ttf-embedding-t42.html

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