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How to make PD4ML work on WebSphere v. 5.2 iSeries (OS400 V5R3):

1.  In the left pane, open the Servers folder by clicking the plus sign

2.  Click on the Application Servers link.

3.  In the right pane, click on the link of the application server that your HATS application is deployed to. For example, server1.

4.  On the Configuration tab of the server, under Additional Properties, page down to the Process Definition link. Click the Process Definition link.

5.  Now click the Java Virtual Machine link.

6.  Under Additional Properties, click Custom Properties.

7.  Click New.

8.  Enter java.awt.headless in the Name field and true in the Value field.

9.  Click Apply. Click OK.

10.   Make sure you save your updated configuration.

11.   Logout of the administrative console.

12.   Restart the WebSphere Application Server. From a command line, enter:

o   QSH or STRQSH to enter QSHELL

o   cd /QIBM/ProdData/WebASE51/bin

o   stopServer serverName, where serverName is the name of the application server.
 For example,
stopServer server1.

o   Wait for completion messages that say that the application server has stopped.

o   Restart the server by entering startServer serverName, where serverName is the name of the application server.
For example,
startServer server1.

o   When the startServer command completes, press F12 to exit the QSH session


Contributed by Leonid A. Dolbir

fully functional trial

Dec 15, 21
PD4ML Java 3.11.5 maintenance build implements enableLigatures() API method and fixes few minor bugs

Nov 30, 20
PD4ML Java v4.0.9fx3 is released and available for download.

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