Package com.pd4ml

Class Constants

  • public class Constants
    extends com.pd4ml.util.Base
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      static int AES_128BIT
      AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm (beginning with PDF1.6) with 128bit encryption key
      static int AES_256BIT
      AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm (beginning with PDF1.6) with 256bit encryption key
      static int AllowAnnotate
      Document access permission (bit 6).
      Add or modify text annotations, fill in interactive form fields, and, if bit 4 is also set, create or modify interactive form fields.
      static int AllowAssembly
      Document access permission (bit 11, value = 1024).
      Assemble the document (insert, rotate, or delete pages and create bookmarks or thumbnail images), even if bit 4 is clear.
      static int AllowContentExtraction
      Document access permission (bit 10, value = 512).
      Extract text and graphics (in support of accessibility to disabled users or for other purposes).
      static int AllowCopy
      Document access permission (bit 5, value = 16).
      Copy or otherwise extract text and graphics from the document by operations other than that controlled by bit 10.
      static int AllowDegradedPrint
      Document access permission (bit 3, value = 4).
      Print the document (possibly not at the highest quality level, depending on whether bit 12 is also set).
      static int AllowFillingForms
      Document access permission (bit 9).
      Fill in existing interactive form fields (including signature fields), even if bit 6 is clear.
      static int AllowModify
      Document access permission (bit 4, value = 8).
      Modify the contents of the document by operations other than those controlled by bits 6, 9, and 11.
      static int AllowPrint
      Document access permission (bit 12 + bit 3, value = 2052).
      Print the document to a representation from which a faithful digital copy of the PDF content could be generated.
      static int CENTER_ALIGN  
      static int DefaultPermissions
      Document permissions.
      static java.lang.String DOCX
      PD4ML output format "docx".
      static java.lang.String ISO8859_1  
      static int LEFT_ALIGN  
      static java.lang.String MULTIPAGE_TIFF
      PD4ML output format: multipage "TIFF".
      static java.lang.String MULTIPAGE_TIFF_COMPRESSED
      PD4ML output format: multipage compressed "TIFF".
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_ALLOWED_RESOURCE_LOCATION
      "pd4ml.allowed.resource.location" forces PD4ML to avoid loading of external resources (CSSs, images, attachments) located outside of (not nested to) the given URI.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_BACKGROUND_AS_PATTERNS
      "" - Allows to switch on pre-v385fx3 background image logic with "false" value.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_CACHE_ENABLE
      "pd4ml.cache.enable" - allows to disable internal file cache.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_CACHE_IMAGES_IN_TMP_DIR
      "" if "true" - PD4ML does not cache downloaded images in RAM, but uses /tmp directory for that.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_CONFIG_FILE
      "pd4ml.config.file" - environment variable specifies configuration file location.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_CONFIG_HANDLER_CLASS
      "pd4ml.config.handler.class" - environment variable specifies configuration file reader class.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_CSS_IMPORT_DIRECTIVE
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_DISABLE_EXTERNAL_ATTACHMENTS
      "pd4ml.disable.external.attachments" if "true", it does not load attachments (<pd4ml:attachment>) from local system and from URL.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_DISABLE_WOFF
      Default is "false".
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_DISABLE_WOFF2
      Default is "false".
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_DOCUMENT_DATE
      "" - allows to override document creation date.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_DOCUMENT_HEIGHT_PX
      "pd4ml.document.height.px" - allows to request document height in pixels (ignoring page breaks, if any)
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_DOCUMENT_VIEW_MODE
      "pd4ml.document.view.mode" defines default view mode for generated document, one from: "SinglePage", "OneColumn", "TwoColumnLeft", "TwoColumnRight", "TwoPageLeft", "TwoPageRight";
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_DOCUMENT_XMP_DATE
      "" - allows to override document creation date in XMP metadata.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_DUMP_DEFAULT_STYLE
      For debug only.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_ENABLE_HTTP_ERRORS
      "pd4ml.enable.http.errors" - by "true" propagates HTML loading HTTP errors to the PD4ML API level.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_EXTRA_RESOURCE_LOADERS
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_FAKE_BROWSER
      "pd4ml.fake.browser" - allows PD4ML to pretend to be a regular browser (from HTTP perspective).
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_FIX20130116
      "pd4ml.fix.20130116" - "true" forces PD4ML to workaround problem with occasional repeating of table rows after a page break
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_FORCE_RTL
      "pd4ml.force.rtl" - Applies Right-To-Left word order also to not-RTL languages.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_GENERATE_TOOLTIPS
      "pd4ml.generate.tooltips" if "true", produces tooltips (PDF annotations) from TITLE HTML attributes.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_HEADER_HEIGHT_LIMIT
      Default is "true" - header/footer height max value is limited by 1/3 page height.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_HTML_IN_DYNAMIC_DATA
      "" enables HTML parsing of the dynamic data values.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_HTTP_REQUEST_DISPATCHER
      "pd4ml.http.request.dispatcher" if "enable" (default) - it tries to use RequestDispatcher.include() to load local web application resources (relies on PD4ML.useHttpRequest(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse)), if "disable" - behaves as PD4ML versions prior to v360fx1.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_IDS_AS_DESTINATIONS
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_IMAGE_REPOSITORY
      "pd4ml.image.repository" - property specifies additional image location(s).
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_INFO_AUTHOR
      "" - allows to request document author info
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_INFO_TITLE
      "" - allows to request document title
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_INITIAL_PAGE_NUMBER
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_KEEP_TRAILING_BLANK_PAGES
      Default is "false".
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_MAX_CACHE_ENTRIES
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_MAX_CACHE_SIZE
      "pd4ml.max.cache.size" maximal number of cached items
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_MAX_CACHE_VOLUME
      "pd4ml.max.cache.size" maximal cache size in bytes
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_MEDIA_TYPE_PRINT
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_OMIT_DEFAULT_STYLE
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_PDFA_STATUS
      "pd4ml.pdfa.status" - returns an array of PDF/A conformity warnings or errors.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_PRINT_DIALOG_POPUP
      "pd4ml.print.dialog.popup" - if "true" forces PDF viewer to pop up a print dialog.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_RIGHT_EDGE_PX
      "pd4ml.right.edge.px" - allows to request the maximal element width for the last rendered document.
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_SESSIONID_APPEND
      "pd4ml.sessionid.append" - if "false" suppresses session ID append to the image/CSS requests
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_SESSIONID_VARNAME
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_SOCKET_TIMEOUT  
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_STYLESHEETS_TO_OMIT
      "" - semicolon-delimited list of stylesheet path patterns, to be ignored by document rendering
      static java.lang.String PD4ML_TOTAL_PAGES
      "" - allows to request number of pages of generated PDF
      static java.lang.String PDF
      PD4ML output format "pdf"
      static java.lang.String PDFA
      PD4ML output format "pdfa" (PDF/A-1b)
      static java.lang.String PDFUA
      PD4ML output format "pdfua" (conforming both PDF/A-2a and PDF/UA-1 specs)
      static java.lang.String PNG24
      PD4ML output format "PNG" (24bit colorspace, supports alpha channel).
      static java.lang.String PNG8
      PD4ML output format "PNG" (indexed colorspace).
      static int RC4_128BIT
      RC4 encryption algorithm with 128bit encryption key
      static int RC4_40BIT
      RC4 encryption algorithm with 40bit encryption key
      static int RIGHT_ALIGN  
      static java.lang.String RTF
      PD4ML output format "rtf".
      static java.lang.String RTF_WMF
      PD4ML output format "rtf".
      static java.lang.String TIFF
      PD4ML output format: "TIFF".
      static java.lang.String TIFF_COMPRESSED
      PD4ML output format: compressed "TIFF".
      static double TRANSLATE_FACTOR
      2.835 points per mm
      static java.lang.String UTF8  
      static java.lang.String WINDOWS_1252  
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