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  Subject: scope = "lastpage"?
   PostPosted: 21 Dec 2010, 20:38 
Is there a way to define a header and/or footer to only print on the last page using the <pdrml:page.header> markup? For example
<pd4ml:page.header scope="lastpage" >

I know there is a skiplast, which skips printing on the last page but I have documents that require a footer/header to appear only on the last page (on an unknown lenght document).



  Subject: Re: scope = "lastpage"?
   PostPosted: 21 Dec 2010, 20:58 
There is a conceptual issue to implement that.

Let's say page height is 800px, header is 200px high and the content on the last page takes 700px.

Where should it place the header in the situation to? The only technically correct way is to add an extra page to print the header only. But nobody wants to have such trailing blank pages...

As a workaround I would recommend the following:

header substitution: add an explicit page break before the last page, followed with the header body.

<div>Last page header</div>
remaining content

footer substitution: define last page footer as a footnote

end of the document content
<pd4ml:footnote noref=true>
Last page footer

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