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  Subject: MetaData are ignored
   PostPosted: 03 Apr 2017, 21:38 
With the provided addMetaData method added metadata will not provided of the pdf document. The pdf Document shows still pd4ml and also no Author.

Is that a bug?

  Subject: Re: MetaData are ignored
   PostPosted: 04 Apr 2017, 18:46 
 * The method defines custom properties for PDF document meta data. The method takes effect only in PD4ML Volume DMS and PD4ML SRC license binaries.
 * @param key a unique name, which must not be one of the standard property names Title, Author, Subject, 
 * Keywords, Creator, Producer, CreationDate, ModDate and Trapped
 * @param value data itself
 * @param hide makes the metadata not appear in the PDF document properties dialog of Acroread
public void addMetadata(String key, String value, boolean hide) {

There are dedicated API methods pd4ml.setAuthorName() and pd4ml.setDocumentTitle() could help you to workaround.

Also you can try to post-process generated PDFs with PD4Document/PD4DocumentBase API.

  Subject: Re: MetaData are ignored
   PostPosted: 04 Apr 2017, 21:23 
I am blind :)
I am using Volume Licence not DMS :(

I will correct this asap :)

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