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  Subject: Dynamical image
   PostPosted: 26 Jan 2018, 18:38 

My images are generated by Jfreechart and saved in the temp directory. I cannot know their name in advance.

With previous version I'haven't any problems, i used:
<img src="${test.src}" height="${test.hauteur}" width="${test.largeur}" />
Of course 'test.src' contains location and image's name.

Now pd4ml read this with 'null' for src attribut ...

How can I specify dynamical name ?


  Subject: Re: Dynamical image
   PostPosted: 05 Feb 2018, 13:35 
> Now pd4ml read this with 'null' for src attribut ...

I would suspect the placeholder is wrongly substituted with null (by JSP container etc) before PD4ML came into action.

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