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  Subject: font-size rem (root em)
   PostPosted: 02 Oct 2018, 03:25 
pd4ml is not recognizing font-size in rem (root em).

//works fine
<span style="font-size:24pt;">Winter is coming - font size: 24pt</span>
<span style="font-size:32px;">Winter is coming - font size: 32px</span>

//font size is ignored.
<span style="font-size:2rem;">Winter is coming - font size: 1.6rem</span>

Is this supported by library, any idea how to solve this problem.

Pdf4ml: 3.10.6
Chrome: 66.0.3359
Platform: Windows 10 & Java: 1.8

  Subject: Re: font-size rem (root em)
   PostPosted: 16 Nov 2018, 15:32 
A proper implementation of "rem" is already available in PD4ML v4 snapshots.

Forthcoming PD4ML v3.10.8 does not ignore "rem" anymore, but handles "rem" sizes as "em", which is not correct, but acceptable workaround in most of the cases.

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