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  Subject: Truncated text in PDF file while using <pd4ml:footnote>
   PostPosted: 14 May 2021, 10:33 
Wildfly 18.0.1
Java 11.0.10
PD4ML 3.11.4fx4


We are having an issue using <pd4ml:footnote> in JSP file. When the line with <pd4ml:footnote> reaches the bottom edge of the page in certain cases some text gets truncated and disappears between pages (main text, not footnote).
I prepared "truncated_text_example.jsp" file to present the problem. It contains lorem ipsum text and maximally simplified HTML (only the BR tag was used).
Do not change their content (inside the BODY tag) because these are carefully selected cases in which there is a text cutting error. Adding words, extra lines, changing the HTML structure may result in a correct printout, and we want to solve the specific cases that generate this error. It seems that the use of the <pd4ml:footnote> tag in the code has an impact on text truncation. It is responsible for generating footnotes. If this tag is removed from the example, the content of the PDF is correct.

In the attached example the missing text is: "Latin literature, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock, a Latin professor."

Unfortunately, generating footnotes is essential in our application.

In the example code, I added a section responsible for saving the PD4ML generated PDF file to the local hard drive "C" in the "truncated_text_example" directory.
In the zip attached there are JSP source file and the resulting PDF file.

Appreciate your support,
Jacek Nowakowski

truncated_text_example.zip [24.5 KiB]
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