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Topic review - initialPageNumber
Post subject:  Re: initialPageNumber
With your particular footer sample there is a possibility to get a confusing footer text "page 3 of 1". So some mechanism to impact $[total] value is also needed. That was a reason we did not copy the feature from PD4PageMark to inline HTML headers/footers.

We could add the feature to <pd4ml:page.footer>, but first we need to review typical use cases and to think how to keep everything consistent there. Of course, we would appreciate your input.
    Post Posted: 19 Jul 2013, 22:32
Post subject:  Re: initialPageNumber
There is a way to define initial page number within HTML?

Something similar to:
<pd4ml:page.footer initialPageNumber="3">
<div class='footerPDF'>
page $[page] of $[total]

I know that there is a way to pass it from JAVA API:
PD4PageMark footer = new PD4PageMark();
footer.setHtmlTemplate("<div class='footerPDF'>page $[page] of $[total]</div>");

Which doesn't completely satisfy our needs.
    Post Posted: 15 Jul 2013, 21:37
Post subject:  Re: initialPageNumber
So the print jobs are going to be initiated from the server side (not from client PC)? In the case you'll anyway need to execute some print command line. I have my doubts if there is an easy way to talk from an application server to a printer (and to render/print a PDF, which is another level of complexity).

As for me a print.bat file with a singe command like
AcroRd32.exe /t %1 "\\server\printername" "Kyocera FS-1010" ""
is quite a straightforward solution to be executed from the server like that:

String cmdstart[] = { "cmd.exe", "/c", "print.bat", tempPdfLocation };

Of course, printer names/locations could be passed to the script as a parameter as well.
    Post Posted: 05 Dec 2011, 23:50
Post subject:  Re: initialPageNumber

thank you very much for your answer...
The first part of the answer solved the problem completely.
That's exactly the command I was looking for..

The second part I explained very poorly. Within the company I work for, we use certain tags to label specific parts, kind of like price tags.
These tags are supposed to be containing consecutive numbers..
Therefore we have to make sure, that each number is only printed once..
If we open the PDF file, even with the printing dialog directly opened, there still is the chance, that the file with for example the numbers 1 through 30, is printed multiple times. We are looking for a way to properly print the PDFs once and only once.
Our current approach would be to create the file and save it on the server (temporarily) and sent it to a printer selected by the user via network. After it was successfully printed, the file will be deleted and the first new number to be used will be saved in a database and used for generating the next set of "tags" with new numbers.

I think that might be the most practical solution, since using the command line in combination with a webserver will get really difficult very quickly...

If you can offer any other idea, we would be more than happy to give it a try...

Thank you for your help!

Kind regards
Niels Göran
    Post Posted: 30 Nov 2011, 03:10
Post subject:  Re: initialPageNumber
In theory the following command-line parameter should produce PDFs pop the print dialog automatically up:
-param pd4ml.print.dialog.popup true
Please give a try.

I am not sure if I understood your second question correctly, as "PDF tag" can mean different things.

So you would like to autoprint some sections of generated PDF documents? I do not know what you are going to use on the sever side as a print application, but if it should be "standard" Acroread, I would to take a look to the attached document. Acroread command-line parameters allow to jump to a particular section of a PDF document (marked as a named destination).

By the link you may find Acroread command line options for silent printing:

Probably by combining the named destination jump and the silent print command you'll achieve the needed functionality.

PDFOpenParameters.pdf [153.6 KiB]
Downloaded 2335 times
    Post Posted: 28 Nov 2011, 15:55
Post subject:  Re: initialPageNumber

I come across another questions while further implementing PD4ML.
We are trying got use "pd4ml.print.dialog.popup", but again it is not available via PHP param feature.
Is there a different way to force the print window? Or do we have to implement it in the wrapper ourself? (If you could provide us with that feature as you did last time, that would be really great.).

And the second questions relates unique numbers in printed documents.
We create PDF files with tags on each page, and each tag has its unique number.
Now we want to directly print that page out instead of opening the PDF in the user window (even when the print dialog opens directly, there is no way to tell if the tags were printed or not...).
Is there any simple to do that? One suggestion we found was to write the PDFs in a specific folder on the server, and have the server check for the files and each time it found one, that one will be printed.

Thank you very much for your Help!

Kind regards
Niels Göran
    Post Posted: 27 Nov 2011, 01:37
Post subject:  Re: initialPageNumber
Hello !

Works great !!
Thank you very much for your help and the quick adding of the feature !
I'm going to get my supervisor to order the pro license as soon as possible.

Thanks again !

Kind regards
Niels Göran
    Post Posted: 28 Feb 2011, 12:56
Post subject:  Re: initialPageNumber
A version with the feature (v370fx2) is already available for download.

In command line an initial page number can be defined like that:
... -param pd4ml.initial.page.number 3

Unfortunately in RTF format we found no way to impact total number of pages value correspondingly, as it is by PDF output.
    Post Posted: 24 Feb 2011, 21:25
Post subject:  Re: initialPageNumber
The feature is still under development - there are some technical complexities with the implementation. In a couple of days we'll inform you if it is going to be included to the forthcoming release.
    Post Posted: 22 Feb 2011, 17:07
Post subject:  Re: initialPageNumber
Hello pd4ml-team,

I just would like to know, what the status is on the initialPageNumber parameter.
We are about to deploy the solution for our customer, so it would be really great to have this feature already in place for the customer (We will buy the license soon).

Thank you for your help!

Kind regards
Niels Göran Blume
    Post Posted: 18 Feb 2011, 15:58

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