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Topic review - How to center the result of 'fitPageVertically'
Post subject:  Re: How to center the result of 'fitPageVertically'
Thanks for the information..!!!
    Post Posted: 09 Sep 2019, 13:41
Post subject:  Re: How to center the result of 'fitPageVertically'
Just released v398fx5 adds an optional boolean "center" parameter to fitPageVertically() API call.
    Post Posted: 12 Apr 2016, 09:52
Post subject:  Re: How to center the result of 'fitPageVertically'
As far as I remember last time we had troubles to implement that. I've reopened the ticket. We'll see if we'll have a luck this time.
    Post Posted: 11 Mar 2016, 21:30
Post subject:  Re: How to center the result of 'fitPageVertically'
I'm also interested in this. Any comments from the PD4ML team?

If the output could be centered on the page, it would look a lot nicer.
    Post Posted: 09 Mar 2016, 18:45
Post subject:  How to center the result of 'fitPageVertically'
Hi, I want to center the text in my result *.pdf in wich i'm using 'fitPageVertically' to fit it, but it's impossible to me. There is anyway to do that? everytime that i do that the text go to the left.

Thank you for all and sorry for my english.
    Post Posted: 10 Dec 2010, 22:56

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