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  Subject: Not able to set "Document view mode" in pd4ml v4
   PostPosted: 01 Feb 2022, 09:22 

Recently we upgraded PD4ML to v4.0.11 (com.pd4ml), the PDF generated is displayed in "Fit one full page" mode where as with older version PD4ML v3.20.1 (zefer), the PDF generated was displayed in "Fit to width Scrolling" mode. This is causing a lot of inconvenience as every time to read the pdf content, user has to zoom in. We tried using "PD4ML_DOCUMENT_VIEW_MODE" with "setDynamicData" but looks like it is not working either.

Map<String, String> m = new HashMap<String, String>();
m.put(Constants.PD4ML_DOCUMENT_VIEW_MODE, "OneColumn");

Please let us know if there is a solution to this using Java.

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