Standard Syntax:
     <%@ taglib prefix="pd4ml" uri="http://pd4ml.com/tlds/pd4ml/2.6" %>

XML Syntax:
     <anyxmlelement xmlns:pd4ml="http://pd4ml.com/tlds/pd4ml/2.6" />

PD4ML JSP to PDF Transformer Tag Library

Tag Library Information
Display NameNone
Short Namepd4ml

Tag Summary
attachmentembeds external a resource as PDF attachment
page.breakPDF Page Break Tag
footnote PDF Footnote Tag. Forces generation of a footnote at the bottom part of the current page. The tag content goes to the footnote area prefixed with an incremented footnote counter value. The counter value (as a reference) is also appears at the original location of the footnote tag. Important: If the footnote content does not fit the remaining page space, it is wrapped to the next page. If the footnote content does not fit entire single page, the footnote does not print at all.
footnote.caption PDF Footnote caption Tag allows to define a separator between the main content and footnotes.
title PD4ML title tag allows to override the original HTML's <title>
page_breakPDF Page Break Tag alias (ColdFusion does not allow dots in JSP tag names)
clean_xhtmlThe tag converts XHTML-like syntax to be HTML3.2 compilant
fix_base_pathThe tag allows to extend paths (to images, other resources) with protocol, server name, port, session id in order to help PD4ML resource lookup procedure.
tocThe tag inserts document's table of content built from H1-H6 tag structure. Available since v3.03
parametersDynamic parameters map. See <pd4ml:parameter> and PD4ML.setDynamicParams(); Available since v3.60
parameterDynamic parameter. Must be nested to <pd4ml:parameters> Available since v3.60
resolve_entitiesThe tag replaces decimal and hexadecimal HTML entities with their character representations. Fixes problems with right-to-left scripts written with entities.
page.headerInline page header. Taglib mapping to a proprietary HTML tag of PD4ML.
page.footerInline page footer. Taglib mapping to a proprietary HTML tag of PD4ML.
page_headerInline page header. Taglib mapping to a proprietary HTML tag of PD4ML (pd4ml:page.header).
page_footerInline page footer. Taglib mapping to a proprietary HTML tag of PD4ML (pd4ml:page.footer).
transformJSP to PDF Transformer Tag
headerPDF Header Definition Tag (utilizes PD4ML API)
footerPDF Footer Definition Tag (utilizes PD4ML API)
permissionsPDF Permission Control tag. Available since version 1.1.0
savefileSaves generated file to the specified location. Available since version 2.1.4
usettfTTF Fonts Embedding Control tag. Available in professional version of PD4ML only

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