PD4ML for Java is written in pure platform-independent Java and does not rely on any third-party or native platform components.
PD4ML v4 compatible with JDK 1.6 or newer; PD4ML v3 can run in JDK 1.2+ environments.












HTML/CSS to PDF conversion


PDF/A-1b output support for long term electronic document archiving


Accessible PDF/A-2a and PDF/UA output support


Tagged PDF output support


HTML/CSS to raster image conversion
(BufferedImage, PNG, multipage TIFF)


Sophisticated HTML/CSS to RTF conversion
With a support of nested tables, lists; with an option to convert images to WMF for better RTF viewer compatibility


HTML/CSS to OOXML (DOCX) conversion
It allows you to define text and paragraph styles, nested tables, ordered and unordered lists, headers and footers, table of contents, hyperlinks, bookmarks, borders, backgrounds, and embed images.


Accessible DOCX output support (Coming soon)


Converting of SVG images to vector PDF graphics
using either built-in SVG renderer or a pluggable component, based on Apache Batik


Support of MathML conversion
using a pluggable component, based on JEuclid


Command line converter tool to use PD4ML from any environment on on any platform has a JVM


Custom JSP taglib for PDF conversion


PDF tools library (parse, process, merge PDF)


Convert an URL or HTML string to a PDF file or byte stream


Apply PDF page format and orientation to all or just to selected pages


Control page margins


Generate external and internal hyperlinks (in PDF and RTF)


Include images to output documents


Encrypt resulting PDFs protect them with passwords


Generate PDF bookmarks (also known as outlines)


Customize page background for entire document or for selected pages. Define the background as an image or as an HTML layout


Assign read/print/copy permissions to PDF


Inject a portion of HTML code to an input document with API call


Define PDF headers and footers with HTML (including images and page numbers); control header/footer appearance on selected pages


Watermark pages. Specify if the watermark has to be shown by PDF viewers, to be printed, or both.


Table of Contents generation and a possibility to customize TOC appearance


Define submittable PDF forms with HTML


Define footnotes and endnotes


Override hardcoded document style with additional CSS style sheets


Embed user files as PDF attachments


Support for national character sets


Embedding of TTF/Open Type fonts


Apply font kerning in PDF (if chosen font provides kerning info)


Lotus Notes/Domino documents conversion support
(for the time being by PD4ML v3 only)


Lotus Notes/Domino LZ1-compressed attachments conversion support


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Single License
valid for a single web deployment or a single desktop product title (not both)





Site License
valid for unlimited number of deployments with software, originated by a company division






Enterprise License
valid for unlimited number of deployments with software, originated by all licensee company divisions and affiliate companies






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