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PD4ML Footnotes

PD4ML introduces two proprietary tags to define footnotes.

<pd4ml:footnote> (or <pd4ml-footnote>) - defines footnote text to be moved to the bottom part of the current page; may have noref and nr attributes

<pd4ml:footnote.caption> (or <pd4ml-footnote-caption>) - defines separator between main content and footnotes area. May appear at any place of the document. In the example below it defines <hr> as a separator.

Also PD4ML implicitly creates <pd4ml:footnote.ref> (or <pd4ml-footnote-ref>) for footnote referencing from the main content.

It works quite simple: you only need to enclose a portion of content with <pd4ml:footnote> and </pd4ml:footnote>. PD4ML moves the content to the page bottom and inserts to the current position <pd4ml:footnote.ref>1</pd4ml:footnote.ref> reference tag, where "1" is a value of document footnotes counter. You may apply your own CSS style to the reference tag if needed.

If the footnote referencing is not desired - for example, you only want to use the feature as a quick page footer definition - just add noref attribute to the tag: <pd4ml:footnote noref>...

If you would prefer alternative footnote numbering, you may explicitly define another value:  <pd4ml:footnote nr="100">...


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