There is a set of simple rules that could help you to author HTML code compatible with PD4ML:

  • Put <style> section only to <head> area of HTML.
  • Avoid to use XHTML-like syntax <tag/> for single tags, especially in <head> area. (Irrelevant since PD4ML v3.x)
  • Do not use <span> tags that do not belong to HTML3.2 spec. Use <div> instead of them. (Irrelevant since PD4ML v3.x)
  • References to multiple styles class=”style1 style2″ are not supported. (Irrelevant since PD4ML v3.x)
  • valign=”center” table cell attribute value is invalid, however it is supported by MS IE. Use correct setting valign=”middle”
  • PD4ML does not support table borders style control. (Irrelevant since PD4ML v3.x)

Good luck!