PD4ML is available in 2 variants:

  • PD4ML Standard – offers basic Java API for HTML-to-PDF conversion, includes PD4ML JSP tag library.
  • PD4ML Professional – adds to PD4ML Standard more features.

PD4ML Standard contains PD4ML library pd4ml.jar (or pd4ml_demo.jar) in lib/ dir, PD4ML JSP custom tag library (pd4ml_tl.jar orpd4ml_tl_demo.jar), the library description (pd4ml.tld), PD4ML Browser/Converter (part of the main PD4ML library) and relevant documentation.
PD4ML Pro package by content is similar to PD4ML Web, but includes more featured version of pd4ml.jar/pd4ml_demo.jar.

Both versions rely on open source CSS Parser library available from original project site (http://cssparser.sourceforge.net/) as well as from PD4ML Software download area. We recommend to use CSS Parser version patched by our team (http://pd4ml.com/cssparser-0.9.4.patched.src.2010.zip), which supports underscores in CSS properties, resolves a number of minor bugs and provides more informative error messaging.