• Bidirectional scripts are supported with some restrictions. PD4ML can not do correctly glyphs shaping yet for the texts in page header/footer areas as well as in the form elements (like button captions). 
  • To use PD4ML with bidirectional scripts on UNIX platform, you should correctly install referred TTFs to be known by Java. See the document: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.3/docs/guide/intl/addingfonts.html#adding 
  • On UNIX-derived platforms TTF font Wingdings is not supported for the time being.

A lot of TTF fonts have only plain style defined. For example NSimSun font has no bold or italic glyphs pre-defined.

“If the font in a document uses a bold or italic style, but there is no font data for that style, the host operating system will synthesize the style.” 

That works for native applications like MS Internet Explorer for direct text output, but unfortunately a synthesized font is not accessible from Java application as binary font data. PD4ML needs a .ttf file or an equivalent to parse, extract glyph definitions for used characters and to embed them to the resulting PDF.

In theory as a possible solution you can use a third-party TTF management tool to synthesize italic style of NSimSun and to save it as
NSimSunItalic.ttf and to register in pd4fonts.properties:

NSimSun\ Italic=NSimSunItalic.ttf

Or simply choose a similar italic font, and register it as above.

The same can be done for “NSimSun\ Bold\ Italic”