> I believe we have version 1.0
Not likely, as from the code snippets follows, you use v2.6 of the taglib. It belongs either to PD4ML v2 or v3

> Should we still stick with version 3 or should we change to version 4 ?
It definitely makes sense to switch to v4

Also I figured out the debug=”true” breaks the page. Instead changing it to debug=”1″ or debug=”0″ works.
Maybe thats a bug in PD4ML?
Most probably it is caused by difference in v3 and v4 API and diagnostics subsystem.
PD4ML v3 allowed simply to switch debug with pd4ml.enableDebugInfo() on, but v4 has pd4ml.setLogLevel(int) instead, where parameter is a bitmask controls various features to be logged. We’ll check why the taglib mapping is wrong there