Hi! Here are the answers:

1: It says that the license includes email support and software updates for a year. Does it mean that if we do not renew annually then we will not get the updates but can still keep using the product in it’s un-updated form?

Right. The license itself is perpetual, only the maintenance period expires.

2: Is there any limit to the number of developers that can use a site license for development purposes of a single site?

It is important not to mix “development site” (small company, company division or affiliate, distinguished by a postal address) and e.g. “web site” (place, where your deployed application runs).

The license does not limit you in a number of your PD4ML-enabled application deployments, it does not limit you in a number of developers, work from the same development site. But it is not corporate-wide. If the development is done by a number of teams work in different locations – every such company division or affiliate would need its own Site License.

In other words, the license assumes only one source of support requests.

We offer so-called Enterprise licenses, which have no such limitations.

3: What is the benefit of getting the source code?

The main purpose is security: we offer the source code licenses as a more attractive alternative to source code escrow practice.

In principle you can even build PD4ML software from the SRC, but the major benefit is that you can debug, (in theory) pre-analyze failure reasons and provide us with more detailed issue reports