The pageNumberTemplate and pageNumberAlignment attributes in the code

<pd4tl:header titleTemplate=”$[title]” titleAlignment=”left” pageNumberTemplate=”Seite $[page] / $[total]” pageNumberAlignment=”right” />

are supported for backward compatibility with text-only headers/footers of PD4ML v3. They are converted into HTML table with the simple code:

style += "font-size: " + fontSize + "px; "; tpl = "<table width=100% border=0 style=\"" + style + "\">\n<tr>\n<td width=33% style=\"" + style + "\">" + left + "</td><td align=center width=33% style=\"" + style + "\">" + center + "</td><td width=34% align=right style=\"" + style + "\">" + right + "</td>\n</tr>\n</table>";

and obviously affected by TD style

The best approach would be to use your header markup, not relying on v3 legacy and the auto-generated three column table

<pd4ml:page.header> ... HTML ... ”$[title]” ... HTML ... Seite $[page] / $[total] ... </pd4ml:page.header>

But if you need to provide a compatibility to older HTML/JSP templates, you can add the explicit style: pd4ml-page-header TD {text-align: right;}

And of course, we’ll try to resolve the issue with an ignoring of pageNumberAlignment=”right”