> 1. Could I handle events whenever PD4ML creates a new page?


> – Could I create a margin-left at each uneven page and a margin-right at each even page ?

We call the feature “mirrored margins”, it is in our TODO list, and it is going to be available with forthcoming versions.

> – Could I avoid orphan ?

you may achieve that with a conditional page breaks

placed before paragraphs, or by “page-break-inside: avoid” CSS style applied to paragraph portions.

> 2. When I create a table of contents, how can I refered the title to his pagenumber ?

generates a table of contents from H1-h6 hierarchy with correct references and page numbers.

Page numbering info is known on the very late phases of PDF output, so there is no reasonable way to implement, for example, placeholders for page numbers in main HTML body.