In Java code it can be done like that:
[language=Java:1l351ami]Map m = new HashMap();
m.put(PD4Constants.PD4ML_PRINT_DIALOG_POPUP, “true”);

Unfortunately there is still no JSP taglib mapping for the method. Please check if your JSP environments allows to locate tag instance:
[language=java:1l351ami]<% org.zefer.pd4ml.taglib.PD4MLTransformerTag trt = (org.zefer.pd4ml.taglib.PD4MLTransformerTag) pageContext.getAttribute( "pd4ml.transformer.tag", javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext.REQUEST_SCOPE ); if ( trt != null ) { System.out.println("found"); } %>[/language:1l351ami]

If it works you’ll be able to pass the dynamic params map to it


with the forthcoming PD4ML beta (v360b2).

The missing mapping custom tags (, , ) for the method will be available with the final release v360.