@jungbunzlav wrote:

Hi there,

I have some complex problem here with pd4ml 385fx2.

I am using pd4ml by the taglib approach rendering a pdf file.

The file contains a img tag which is refering to a Servlet which returns an BufferedImage (a barcode generated on the fly).

Without this call the pdf renders perfectly – with the call the pdf won’t be shown by the internal pdf viewer of firefox version 25. If I ‘download’ the pdf an open it via Acrobat Reader the pdf is shown perfectly.

So, only the BufferedImage prevents the pdf from beeing displayed by firefox’s internal pdf viewer.

Here is the code returned on the JSP of the called Servlet:

<br /> response.setContentType("image/png");<br /> BufferedImage image = getMyBufferedImage();<br /> OutputStream os = response.getOutputStream();<br /> ImageIO.write(image, "png", os);<br /> os.close();<br />

I think the ImageIO.write statement has some downfalls with pd4ml.

Any quick help?


I have also experienced similar problems. The PDF and swf files with bar code images did not display on firefox, but it works correctly on safari. I really don’t know why?