I wandered why I didn’t find this problem sooner, and found out this problem is introduced between version 3.85fx6 and 3.91.

I followed your advice and used TTF’s.
I added the following code when creating the pdf.
<br /> lPd4ml.useTTF("D:\Jakarta\tomcat-FEATURE2\server\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF", true);<br />

You can use the following to generate de pd4fonts.properties file:
<br /> //Through commandline:<br /> java -jar pd4ml_demo.jar -configure.fonts c:WindowsFonts "D:Jakartatomcat-FEATURE2serverwebappsROOTWEB-INF"<br /> <br /> //Or by code:<br /> PD4Util.generateFontPropertiesFile("c:WindowsFonts", "D:\Jakarta\tomcat-FEATURE2\server\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF");<br />

And with this changes is everything now working again.
Thank you for your help.