PD4ML does not test if a particular resource (image or stylesheet) has been changed: if it has a cached version – it uses it.

You may explicitly disable caching with pd4ml.cache.enable=false environment variable, or with a dynamic parameter.

[language=java:2wg7x71d]Map m = new HashMap();
m.put(PD4Constants.PD4ML_CACHE_ENABLE, false);

We’ve just refined clearCache() method in the development build, but as I got it worked for you before.

Another workaround would be to add a harmless dynamically generated parameter to the stylesheet reference:


It should distinguish a new stylesheet from ones loaded before. As a drawback of the approach it will accumulate stylesheet versions in the cache. It is not that dramatic, as they are cached as soft references, but anyway it is a good idea to perform clearCache() from time to time.