@PD4ML wrote:

we have enabled external cache and we could see that the caching is working only in one rendering. i;e; If I use the same image in a sinlgle html file cacheing is working properly. but if the same image is used in another html then cache is not working.
Following is my test case.

I have a html file which i am downloading “https://WWW.XXX/IMAGES/img1.gif” 20 times with in a single html.
And I am rendering this html 10 times using the JUNit.

I expect the image to be downloaded only once. But the image is being downloaded 10 times(no of times i rendered the html.

Does the caching mechanism works only for each rendering ?

@PD4ML wrote:

PD4ML caches images and stylesheets only in memory.

The most recent builds allow to force PD4ML (with an explicit API call) to cache to /tmp directory. All cache files are created with deleteOnExit flag, so in non-fatal situations they are auto-deleted