Thank you for your reply.

The code is from our legacy project. It takes XML file from database and transform it, output is a PDF file. There is a link to remote HTTPS xslt file in XML, and that xslt file contains URLs to remote HTTPS image. If it is a local xslt file, the code works just fine. Could you shed some light? Here is the code with comments:
<br /> /**<br /> * Generates a PDF document from an XML file that requires transformation using an<br /> * XSL stylesheet.<br /> *<br /> * @param sourceStream The source XML document stream.<br /> * @param targetStream The target PDF document stream.<br /> * @param headerText Text to display as a page header in the target PDF.<br /> * @param forcePrint Whether or not to force the print dialog to appear when the PDF is loaded.<br /> *<br /> * @throws Exception If something goes wrong while transforming the XML or generating the PDF.<br /> */<br /> public void generatePdf(InputStream sourceStream, OutputStream targetStream, String headerText, boolean forcePrint) throws Exception {<br /> PD4ML converter = new PD4ML();<br /> if (headerText != null) {<br /> PD4PageMark header = new PD4PageMark();<br /> Font font = header.getFont();<br /> Font boldFont = font.deriveFont(Font.BOLD);<br /> header.setFont(boldFont);<br /> header.setTitleTemplate(headerText);<br /> converter.setPageHeader(header);<br /> }<br /> PD4PageMark footer = new PD4PageMark();<br /> footer.setPageNumberTemplate("Page $[page] of $[total]");<br /> footer.setPageNumberAlignment(PD4PageMark.CENTER_ALIGN);<br /> converter.setPageFooter(footer);<br /> converter.setPageSize(PD4Constants.A4);<br /> converter.setPageInsetsMM(new Insets(10, 10, 10, 10));<br /> converter.setHtmlWidth(820);<br /> if (forcePrint) {<br /> Map<String, String> dynamicParameters = new HashMap<String, String>();<br /> dynamicParameters.put(PD4Constants.PD4ML_PRINT_DIALOG_POPUP, "true");<br /> converter.setDynamicParams(dynamicParameters);<br /> }<br /> converter.render(new InputStreamReader(sourceStream, "UTF-8"), targetStream);<br /> }<br />