I know, the same namespace in PD4ML JSP taglib and proprietary tags confuses.

Here is the JSP docs:

The proprietary tags are at the bottom of the doc:

Generally if a custom JSP tag has the same name as a PD4ML proprietary tag, the JSP tag simply replicates itself and lets PD4ML runtime to process it. The rest of JSP custom tags are mapped to PD4ML API.

Regarding your particular issues:

assumes no body, so in JSP it should be . In plain HTML syntax is also allowed. But please take into account: the tag does not define a “page breaking style”. It is an explicit page break (in the case it is conditional).

is mapped to setPermissions() and it is also body-less.

Your JSP should look like the following:

[language=xml:201vh62w] (preface) (chapter 1) (chapter 2) [/language:201vh62w]

I also removed more-less outdated clean_xhtml as the current version of our HTML renderer “understands” XHTML quite good.