thanks for your replay.
we bought the pd4ml pro library, but our problems are still there; even more, now with the licensed pd4ml.jar library the footer image isn’t rendered at all; footer is empty.

more, i think there is a missunderstanding:
i’m building the PDF document header and footer with a method like the following:

private PD4PageMark getPageFooter(String cssTag)
String footerBody = “” + cssTag + “” +

PD4PageMark footer = new PD4PageMark();
footer.setAreaHeight( -1 ); // autocompute
footer.setHtmlTemplate( footerBody );
return footer;


So, i suppose i can’t use pd4ml tags when bulding header and footer like this. Isn’t it?

So, i’ll get back and repost all of our problems that we are facing right now:
1. header is rendered over the PDF document margins! (the header is built in exactly the same way as explained for the footer above)
2. with the licensed library, the footer isn’t rendered at all!!! (footer is built as described above)
3. header (and i suppose footer too) is rendered only for the first page of the resulted PDF document and not for all the other pages!!! I need the same header and footer in all the pages of the PDF document

Sorry for pressing, but this problems are becoming urgent.
Your help is very much appreciated.