I am repeating my email comment here:

loading java:archerfonts/Archer-Book.otf [1ms]<br /> reject TTF lookup for: 'archer book'<br /> can not read 'archer book' from java:archerfonts/Archer-Book.otf: java:archerfonts/Archer-Book.otf is .OTF font file with currently unsupported PostScript outlines ('CFF' glyph table instead of 'loca').<br />

Under .OTF extension there can be two different font formats: TTF and Type1 (PostScript).

Archer-Book.otf is obviously Type1. Java provides only limited support for Type1 fonts and in most of the cases it simply gives up by an attempt to instantiate java.awt.Font object from such .OTF file.

As the only robust solution I would recommend to look for a similar TTF (or OTF of TTF format) font and to use it instead.