Here this is the HTML that I try to print using PD4ML:
download fromdropbox:
I applied page-break-inside:avoid in tr with class ‘noBreak’

When I set enableSmartTableBreaks(false); or not apply the statement, it can split table without spliting table tr row, just the table header does not repeat.

When I set enableSmartTableBreaks(true); as the table cannot fit completely in the first page, it completely moved to the second page. leaving the first page with blank area.

PD4ML is great in helpping us developing our print out function but just this spliting not yet fulfill our print test. Really look forward to see whether it is because of my table html / css or JAVA set wrongly.

The ver of PD4ML we used: 3701b1 demo (we need to see PD4ML fulfill our test in order to buy the volumn licenses)
code for html generation: JAVA/JSP
how we use pd4ml: we build jsp report and use PD4ML to handle the print by mean of converting the built pdf file to bytearray and send to our printer.