Currently raw item data is converted to HTML to base64-data tag. CSS style “text-transform: base64” is non-standard, only PD4ML knows how to deal with it. Currently it simply decodes it (and tries to parse/reformat if it is a MIME message).

Currently the decoding module cannot recognise if an encoded raw item is a date and it does not know a target date format. So a solution for the issue would be to implement a new proprietary attribute dateFormat (or something like that) and perform a date conversion when the attribute is present.

The implementation is doable, but it is out of scope of free email support we offer.

Another solution would be to decode the base64 with XSLT means (I just googled http://gandhimukul.tripod.com/xslt/base64-xslt.html ), to cut Lotus specific header bytes from it and to reformat the date as needed, with means of XSLT (as far as I know, there is needed functionality in XSL spec).