Was there a solution to this one? I am facing the same problem.

@nileshmanjare wrote:

Hi Experts,

We are facing some difficulties in using the pd4ml java libraries with large html input. For your reference I have attached a html page and a jsp I have used for the conversion. The pd4ml version we are using is “pd4ml.volume.370”.

When we convert small html pages it works very well but for large html pages it takes very long time for the conversion. In some of the cases server goes out of memory. For the attached html page conversion happens in the fraction of seconds. But if we have about 60,000 lines in the same format as an attached html then we don’t get result back.

Other than this we find pd4ml very handy to use. Also the new feature “RTF format” you have added in the latest release will be quite useful for us.

Your advice on the large html conversion will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
Nilesh Manjare
eQ Technologic.