would you make a more descriptive example, i try to find a solution but i didnt. If you publish an example with code on Java. Thanks

@PD4ML wrote:

> I have 3 environmnets, set up identically on 1 sun unix server running websphere6.1.

Websphere implements SSL a proprietary way (the classes are not derived from the standard Java’s SSL classes), thus as a rule an attempt to load HTTPS resource from PD4ML in such environment causes ClassCastException. So I wonder how it works on the 2 servers.

If the images are stored on the same server, where PD4ML runs, it makes sense to avoid any network interactions by the image loading. The best way would be to trigger useServletContext() method of PD4ML and to use absolute web paths () in the source HTML documents.

Base URL definition most probably needs to be suppressed there.