I come across another questions while further implementing PD4ML.
We are trying got use “pd4ml.print.dialog.popup”, but again it is not available via PHP param feature.
Is there a different way to force the print window? Or do we have to implement it in the wrapper ourself? (If you could provide us with that feature as you did last time, that would be really great.).

And the second questions relates unique numbers in printed documents.
We create PDF files with tags on each page, and each tag has its unique number.
Now we want to directly print that page out instead of opening the PDF in the user window (even when the print dialog opens directly, there is no way to tell if the tags were printed or not…).
Is there any simple to do that? One suggestion we found was to write the PDFs in a specific folder on the server, and have the server check for the files and each time it found one, that one will be printed.

Thank you very much for your Help!

Kind regards
Niels Göran