thank you very much for your answer…
The first part of the answer solved the problem completely.
That’s exactly the command I was looking for..

The second part I explained very poorly. Within the company I work for, we use certain tags to label specific parts, kind of like price tags.
These tags are supposed to be containing consecutive numbers..
Therefore we have to make sure, that each number is only printed once..
If we open the PDF file, even with the printing dialog directly opened, there still is the chance, that the file with for example the numbers 1 through 30, is printed multiple times. We are looking for a way to properly print the PDFs once and only once.
Our current approach would be to create the file and save it on the server (temporarily) and sent it to a printer selected by the user via network. After it was successfully printed, the file will be deleted and the first new number to be used will be saved in a database and used for generating the next set of “tags” with new numbers.

I think that might be the most practical solution, since using the command line in combination with a webserver will get really difficult very quickly…

If you can offer any other idea, we would be more than happy to give it a try…

Thank you for your help!

Kind regards
Niels Göran