Yes, we have defined this in pd4fonts.properties

Arial Bold=arialbd.ttf
Arial Bold Italic=arialbi.ttf
Arial Italic=ariali.ttf
Courier New=cour.ttf
Courier New Bold=courbd.ttf
Courier New Bold Italic=courbi.ttf
Courier New Italic=couri.ttf
Times New Roman=times.ttf
Times New Roman Bold=timesbd.ttf
Times New Roman Bold Italic=timesbi.ttf
Times New Roman Italic=timesi.ttf
Calibri Bold=calibribd.ttf
Calibri Italic=Calibrii.ttf

The issue happens only when the english and chinese characters inside one span or tag, If the chinese in in another span, it is working properly. But in our case, it will come together inside one span, please help us to resolve this. Otherwise it would a big blow for us as the existing functionality will be broken with the upgrade