Here you are faced with restrictions of PD4ML.

1. PD4ML offers only a lightweight support of

. It understands only text in it and ignores nested tag structures if any. You may apply text style and color to the legend text (addressing

tag), but background colors and borders are going to be ignored.

2. PD4ML allows to apply styles to . But

tags are not a part of internal document structure tree, so they are not visible to CSS selector runtime. As a workaround you would need to remove .form from the CSS selectors.

[language=css:lhug3mi0].main_body .form P, .main_body .form DIV.customControl
font-weight : bold;
color: #004677;
line-height: normal;
margin: 0px !IMPORTANT;
padding: 1px 3px 1px 3px !IMPORTANT;
vertical-align: top;