We’ve been using the Java version of PD4ML for several years and it seems that we’re hitting a wall at somewhere over 1000pgs. For example, 500pg PDF might take about 9 minutes, which we find acceptable, however, a 1700pg PDF might take several hours. We’re trying to resolve this issue and any suggestions would be appreciated. Here are some statistics for this example:

    1) We’re using JSP to produce HTML that is 16-17MB in size
    2) There are only a few small images (~100k in size)
    3) The resulting PDF is about 7.5MB
    4) We’re calling PD4ML.render( url, os)
    5) PD4ML v3.80fx3

    After upgrading to v3.80fx3, we implemented the PD4ProgressListener to try to profile the process. The result is that it’s spending all that extra time in “step 92: layouting…”. We tried saving the HTML to a static file (i.e. Mozilla: SaveAs) then used PD4ML.render( isr, os, base) to create the PDF file and it seemed to create the PDF in about 9 minutes (acceptable). We also confirmed that it’s taking about 4 minutes to produce and stream the HTML from JSP. Do you have any idea why would it go from 9 minutes for the static HTML to several hours for the same HTML streamed (using a URL)?