@PD4ML wrote:

Could you please also publish an HTML snippet, you want to apply the CSS to.

Also, to make sure the CSS selector does not work, try to temporarily add any obvious CSS property, like “color: red”.

The HTML page, I want to apply the CSS to is generated by using JSF and Primefaces.
Here is an extract:

ANNU – LdapAdmin – V1.3 – 20 févr. 2011 – 4 bug(s)
Identifiant Résumé Statut Ciblée Fixée Création MAJ
18950 Réinitialisation du mot de passe TW de certains comptes génériques hors-service résolu V1.3 V1.3 31 janv. 2011 2 mars 2011


Moreover, I’m quite sure that the CSS is not applied because the cell border doesn’t appear.