I am trying to use adjacent selectors to size columns in a datatable. td+td works for me, but the third column, td+td+td doesn’t -I just get the td+td CSS. It displays fine in FF & IE. Is this an issue or am I doing something wrong?
<br /> ..datatable_3col {<br /> width: 100%;<br /> background-color: #99FFFF;<br /> }<br /> .datatable_3col td, .labels td {<br /> width:200px;<br /> background-color: red;<br /> }<br /> .datatable_3col td+td, .labels td td {<br /> width:250px;<br /> background-color: yellow;<br /> }<br /> .datatable_3col td+td+td, .labels td td td{<br /> width:270px;<br /> background-color: blue;<br /> }<br />