@PD4ML wrote:

Unfortunately it still can “see” the hyperlinks even “through” an overlaying image.

We did not test an approach to place a transparent object (a vector rectangle) over the hyperlink and to assign a dummy PDF script handler to it. But I think it would result other visual flaws.

So the only existent workaround is to damage a hyperlink representation: i.e. to pre-process HTML and to insert a space character after “http://”.

Thank you and yeah, I was aware of this workaround however just wanted to know if there was anything else that we can do apart from this from PD4ML end to get around this problem. Also, even if you break the url to http:// and a space and then the trailing part of the URL, the http:// part will still show up as a hyperlink. The only other way to resolve this is to remove http:// completely and adding a www and a space for ex: “www google.com” or simply “google.com”