The easiest solution would be to apply “word-wrap: break-word” CSS style to the table cell.

If word breaks are undesired, there is a workaround with adjustHtmlWidth() mode. Here is a copy-pasted text from another topic:

“adjustHtmlWidth() is needed in situations like the following: you have a wide table, whose width is not constant (depends on the table content). In order to avoid table cut right side, you may define very big htmlWidth value and trigger adjustHtmlWidth(). Lets’s say htmlWidth=1200, actual table width is 980. In the case PD4ML will render the document assuming htmlWidth=1200 and analyze a right edge location of the content. In our case it is 980, so it will auto-reduce htmlWidth to 980.

A drawback: the scale factor may change itself depending on the table content and width, which is not always desired. Also if any of the tables have width=”100%”, that means the right edge of the content is going to be 1200. So adjustHtmlWidth() takes no effect.”