I would also like to provide you the dump of progress monitor for our few pages:

Scenerio1: Generate 10 big HTML pages with no images in it (only plain text) and minimum styling is applied (excluded heavy css file), it generates 91 pdf pages out of it and following is the important information from progress monitor dump:

204 progress html parsed
5532 progress document tree structure built
5579 progress layouting…
8172 progress generating PDF… 1
53684 progress done.

Scenerio2: Same as scenerio1 with heavy css file
203 progress html parsed
30046 progress document tree structure built
30093 progress layouting…
32155 progress generating PDF… 1
74826 progress done.

Scenerio3: Generating 10 HTML pages containing text and images with minimum styling (excluding heavy css that I mentioned in previous post), it generates around 30 pages.

94 progress html parsed
3125 progress document tree structure built
3141 progress layouting…
3641 progress generating PDF… 1
6594 progress done.

Scenerio4: Same as scenerio3 with heavy css

109 progress html parsed
19140 progress document tree structure built

19890 progress generating PDF… 1
23499 progress done.