Dear Sir/Madam,

Firstly, thank for your prompt reply.

I have asked your company’s email support service to give me the new XSL. Your colleague, Igor had gave me the new XSL file. However, there some problem found.:

1) I found that new XSL file does not have the tag () which you mentioned in last reply.

2) The XSL file that your colleague, Igor sent to me that need me to try to un-remark the line No. 298 and 308 in order to use. I have tried to keep the remark and un-remark these 2 lines. But both does not improve my pd4ml.render() function. It still cause 10-11 minutes to complete. Also, it need me to increase Min heap size of domino to around 800MB in order to successfull run. My original setting of around 500MB Min heap size will cause the domino agent throw out of memory exception.

3) Then I try to change my agent to use the one that Igor send to me. However, I found that my current Jar library does not the API “generatePDFA”.

Please kindly advise what further step I can do in order to improve the speed.

Thank you very much!

Attached the XSL and agent code that Igor sent to me.