Hmm… In PD4ML sources there is no explicit references to java.awt.MediaTracker.

In PD4ML images are loaded from input stream to a byte array. After an image type analyze, in most of the cases it creates Image instance with

[language=java:tohf53k2]Image img = new ImageIcon(idata).getImage();[/language:tohf53k2]

As I see, the call implicitly involves the media tracker. However it is not obvious how to unregister the image out of there.

-Dpd4ml.cache.images.in.tmp.dir=true JVM flag (or an identical dynamic parameter, passed via API) forces PD4ML to immediately dump loaded image bytes to a TMP file and to set the above img = null. Now I am not sure if that is enough, bearing in mind the media tracker. Do you have an idea what needs to be done there?