> 1. Is it possible to set outlines at header or footer?


> 2. I have 2 urls(ex. http://www.aaa.com/page=1,
> http://www.aaa.com/page=2). And java program makes PDF file with first
> url and after that merges it with second url

There are PD4ML API render() method, which takes an array of URLs as an input. Doesn’t it work for you?

Also the new PDF merge API (PD4Document class) can merge 2 PDFs (including outline structures)

> If your answer is “NO” for my
> first question, how can I set outlines on my PDF file?
> Each url has completely html structure, so I can not insert
> tag in tag…

PD4ML can generate outlines from

hierarchy, from named anchors and from a structure of tags (which also point to named anchors).

If you need an outlines, point to each page, probably a table of contents is also a solution. See tag.