Image embedding is one of the major functions of PD4ML, which is available since the first version of the software. So normally for GIF, JPEG and PNG it should be no problems.

A possible reason of the issue is image addressing: you need to make sure, that image URLs are either fully-specified (include protocol, server, port), or the URLs are relative to the actual document location (or to setting of the doc). If the image URL is defined like


PD4ML requires, that you pass current servlet context to it with

useServletContext(ServletContext ctx)

otherwise PD4ML has no chance to resolve the virtual path. (PD4ML JSP Taglib triggers the method implicitly)

If the above is not relevant for your particular case, please provide us with some more info:

  • PD4ML usage scenario: Java, JSP, PHP, etc…
  • A sample of image reference
  • PD4ML debug output for a case, when it cannot load an image ()you may switch the debug output on with pd4ml.enableDebugInfo() call