Hi again, and thanks for the last release – it fixed a lot of the issue I was facing 🙂

Since then I have been struggling with controlling table cell height. At first I thought it was due to some line breaking, and I had some success ending line breaks with / like this
. But it never really fixed it, as I randomly got space at the end of the TDs. Now, after looking into it again, I realized that this might not have been the case at all, that the excessive space is in fact due to a table row height being set – probably calculated in some way. Here is the produced RTF, notice the trrh1073:


If I remove it from the line, it fixes all my problems! The question is, can I control this with a tag, a css attribute or turn if off with an API setting?

Regarding your comment about being able to set header/footer as a tag not being implemented yet, will it be possible in the future? If so, do you have a rough estimate to when we can expect that?

Lastely, when specifying lengths in css (or tags), what is the unit that I should use (besides %)? I know that RTF natively operates on a twips, and I tried to calculate it from cm, but without much luck.