> Regarding your comment about being able to set header/footer as a tag not being implemented yet, will it be possible in the future?
> If so, do you have a rough estimate to when we can expect that?

The feature implementation has quite a low priority. You know, the main purpose of PD4ML is PDF output. Normally we add new features to RTF module when there is no urgent PDF issues. I have my doubts if we’ll have a chance to start the implementation till May.

If you need the feature urgently you may fund its implementation. In the case please contact us by email.

> Lastely, when specifying lengths in css (or tags), what is the unit that I should use (besides %)?
> I know that RTF natively operates on a twips, and I tried to calculate it from cm, but without much luck.

In RTF output mode PD4ML still uses HTML renderer, developed for PDF output.

It is explained by the link: http://pd4ml.com/cookbook/pdf_page_formatting.htm

That means you get HTML layout of requested width (htmlWidth parameter) mapped to chosen paper format. An actual transformation from dimensions given in screen pixels or in physical units to resulting dimensions on paper is not always obvious.

pd4ml.protectPhysicalUnitDimensions() API call should make dimensions/sizes given in pt, in, cm keept intact.

There some are other support topics address the issue. I.e.